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First, I am an entrepreneur with equal parts business acumen as well as technology vision.  My experience spans over 25 years contributing to the Fortune 500 as well as to startup and mid-sized companies.  These clients (e.g. Georgia Pacific, Bank of America, AT&T, Campbell’s Soup, etc.) range across many industries; however, there remains one common thread: technology.

Accordingly, I bring breadth as well as depth across nearly all aspects of technology.  This has formed a holistic perspective to my approach.  And, over time I used this approach to hone several best practices and exclusive methods for mapping technology to the business. 

Most noteworthy, I created a tool named the 7Stones Framework™.  It allows me to evaluate a client from a variety of angles while identifying opportunities where there is room for improvement.  Thus, I can then communicate with clarity on each aspect of technical topics. 

Above all, my approach to technology is with a common-sense use of engineering science and a hefty dose of pragmatic business judgment.   Due to my unique mix of industries and experiences, I strive to empower my clients to innovate and grow their businesses.

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Our Difference

In parallel to thinking about naming my new company, I also created what became known as the 7Stones Framework™.  In general, the goal of the framework is to provide a tool to evaluate a company. For that reason, the results help to identify opportunities where they may improve.

As I combined and pulled apart different elements, it repeatedly boiled down to 7 core aspects.  Thereupon, it became clear these 7 represented the diversity of my experience.  And, they indicate the maturity of a company with its relationship to technology.


The world of technology spans a great many skills. I believe, It is one thing to simply list a skill on a resume, but it is entirely different to consider a perspective. Therefore, I am sharing here my philosophies on how I approach certain experiences as a consultant.

Aligning IT with the Business

I have the unique ability to see a technology vision before most.  But, it is my ability to convert a vision into a roadmap that creates ROI.  First, it is critical to understand the value proposition to the business.  Then, focus the efforts to align with the goals of the organization.   This requires a level of strategic planning and executive leadership.

Additionally, as needs of the organization change, it is important to build a technology plan which can stay in synch with the business as it grows.

Agility & Flexibility

As the adage states, “the only thing that remains consistent is change.”  Therefore, the time to prepare for change is not when it happens.  This preparation also includes building a foundation which can move with the business.  And, a business built to evolve as conditions change.

Technology is only one part of creating this ability.  It is just as important to have a clear understanding of the business down to its fundamentals.  And, to have the best practices and methods to execute. Each culture is different and knowing the right practices to pursue at the right time can make a critical difference to your success.

Speed of Delivery & Time-to-Market

To stay relevant, a company needs to build revenues and gain market share.  This requires gaining more customers, as well as retaining your current customers.  And, the best way to achieve both is delivering value quickly.

Technology can enable a business to build new products or provide new services.  Consequently, without a solid platform all efforts to deliver something new will be futile at best and disastrous at worst.   It is critical to create a platform with the business knowledge baked into its core.   This takes a strong understanding of enterprise architecture and best practices.

Business Productivity & Efficiency

The first step to improving a business is to understand how it operates on a detailed level.   I sort out your processes to identify where to improve how your company functions.  Then, I determine the best opportunity to apply technology as well as where it might simply get in the way.  The result is an increase in efficiency and a reduction in cost.

However, the art of building an efficient organization is getting the most out of its people.  Automating mundane processes can free up people to make decisions best left to humans.  The key is to provide the right information at the right time to make decisions quickly and intelligently.  This will create an empowered workforce with a greater level of productivity.

Innovation & Disruption

Creating something new can simply be filling an unmet need.  Or, it can be something completely disruptive to a market or industry.  This can provide a company both revenue growth and cost reduction.  Thus, technology has quickly become the great means to level the playing field when it comes to creation.

I started developing software before I could drive a car.  Therefore, I am comfortable designing a complex system across an entire company.  Or, simply reviewing a current effort or project for a team.  Either way, I have had the great pleasure of fostering innovation.   Most of all, it requires strong technology skills and a positive culture. 


The exercise of filing a patent forces you to deeply understand how your creation is unique. Hence, I am proud to have lead teams in co-authoring some unique technologies.


Patent (8,732,773)

May 20, 2014

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Patent (8,789,124)

December 2, 2014

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Patent (8,903,795)

December 2, 2014

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Patent (9,232,253)

January 5, 2016

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Patent (9,271,019)

February 23, 2016

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Without question, Bryan would be an impact player in any organization lucky and sharp enough to bring aboard

Erik B

Large Recruiting Firm

What really sets Bryan apart from most IT and technical professionals is his unique ability to blend objective “holy-grail” theory to the necessary practical execution

John D

Large Entertainment Company

He’s a savvy marketer and is always thinking one step ahead of the game. He’s highly intelligent and full of strategic ideas.

Kapena D

International Real Estate

Bryan holds nothing back, and follows through when he says he is going to do something. He always gives you 100%

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