How Could Technology Make Your Company More Efficient?

All companies have concerns about getting more from less.  You expect more customers, revenues, and profits.  At the same time, the industry continues to promise gains in efficiency from technology.

Companies use tools and processes every single day.  Therefore, the wrong tool can make a good process painful.  And, an inefficient process can render good tools useless.  Thus, building strong operations is about smart workflow and the right application of technology.

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Taking Frustration Out of Business Growth

7Stones Consulting helps companies move from a technology vision to building a plan to achieve it.  As a result, we guide companies who feel stuck to reach new levels of sustainable growth and increased profits.

A strategy is about selecting a target in the future and creating the map to traverse from today to that future; however, many companies struggle in choosing the exact technologies and the best approach. 

You want to efficiently deliver innovation that differentiates you in the market.

Too often, companies focus on technology first or they jump straight to a specification.  Furthermore, some companies try to be agile and start building products right away.  Consequently, it is critical that every member of your company aligns with a common understanding of the outcome first.  Most of all not from a technical view, but from the eyes of the business. 

As a Virtual CIO or as a partner to your technology team, 7Stones Consulting helps to challenge conventional thinking within your company.  We have created the 7Stones Framework™ as an established way to review all aspects of your company prior to making any recommendations.

Additionally, 7Stones Consulting uses a consistent approach to building an understanding of the needs of your business.  We have created exclusive methods to model and map your company – bridging the gap between business and technology. Thus, it is possible for companies to become nimble and react quickly to market changes.

7Stones Consulting helps create a clear technology vision.  This provides a map to follow towards growth and innovation as well as capture market opportunities in the future.

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…excellent technical judgement and amazing abilities to understand complex business requirements and boil them down

Kent B

Large Consulting Firm

…always mindful of the business needs and paid careful attention to ensure the best possible return on investment when planning and organizing

Alan H

Mid-Sized Multimedia Company

…ability to understand and embrace the complex needs of the business, matching them with a creative technical solution

Adam D

Mid-sized Marketing Agency


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