How Could Technology Serve Your Customers Better?

Today, customers expect more from the companies they work with than ever before.  Consequently, it is vital that your technology gives them a rich and satisfying experience.

For some, technology can feel as if they are pursuing a moving target.  Equally important, you must quickly adjust to changes in the markets and customer demands.  In short, it requires a business to be built on a platform with a solid rooting in the fundamentals.  And, leveraging your technology for the most value.

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It is essential to bridge the gap from where you currently stand to where you want to arrive.  But, the evolving mosaic created with technology can make this challenging.  Therefore, begin with an evaluation of your current circumstances.

For that purpose, the 7Stones Framework™ is the best basis for your assessment.   Specifically, it will measure your company’s relationship with technology from 7 distinct aspects.

Afterward, you will have a complete set of recommendations and priorities.  Then, you can determine the best path forward.


Consulting Services

Technology requires a broad spectrum of skills to succeed. In other words, it can be difficult when your team is trying to cross unchartered territory without proper guidance. And so, moving forward will require a bit of mentoring or advising from the right expertise. For example, a consultant.

First, 7Stones Consulting will gain a detailed understanding of your objectives and processes. For this reason, we created a set of exclusive methods for modeling and mapping your company. In fact, this approach helps projects and initiatives move toward successful outcomes.

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Virtual Leadership

Despite good planning, there are times when companies find themselves in a state of transition.  Due to either separation with a former employee or simply because of a directional shift, there may be a need for somebody to fill the void.  And, you need someone quickly.

As a virtual CIO or interim CTO7Stones Consulting will provide strategic insight and direction to your technology vision.  We can partner with your current leadership.  Otherwise, we can act as a catalyst for change.

Why would you hire a Virtual CIO?


Typical Engagements

Naturally, every client begins with a unique set of needs.  But, as an engagement unfolds it becomes clear what types of assistance are most required.  

Each client will typically begin with a specific focus.  But, in general, 7Stones Consulting provides some mixture of the following for its clients. 

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  • Aligning IT with The Business 90% 90%
  • Agility & Flexibility 85% 85%
  • Speed of Delivery & Time-to-Market 85% 85%
  • Business Productivity & Efficiency 75% 75%
  • Innovation & Disruption 70% 70%


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