BLOG: Rnd() Pragmatism

The following is a collection of random musings meant to engage and entertain.  In particular, the thoughts and opinions contained within will be pragmatic in nature and random in context.

Innovation is About Changing Behavior

Too often I find companies dismissive of being innovative.  They believe they need to invent something new or the costs are too high and risky.  Although it would be great for business if you could be the first to create the next IBM Watson or even Airbnb, innovation...

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Virtual CIO – Not About Saving Money

Many companies try one of a couple tactics. It is easy to promote somebody from within who has proven loyal, or hire from the outside a person with great aspirations, but limited experience. A Virtual CIO might be the best option.

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Is Your Technology Gluten-Free?

Simply, when a trend is hot, everybody wants a front row seat on the bandwagon. Technology is almost as bad these days. Has anybody seen a cloud-based product lately? How about BI for the masses?

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