How does your technology adjust for the unexpected?

Technology makes things move faster, but only if your team can move just as fast.  Everybody needs to move together for a company to operate as agile as possible and remain successful.  

The companies that last are those who can evolve when markets shift.  Technology can either enable this or hinder it.  Getting clear on your business before investing in technology can be the difference between loss and growth.

Case Study:

Getting Agile Results

A $30 million company’s board of directors had tasked the CEO with reducing costs and halting sliding revenues. After some staffing “adjustments”, the CEO gave a clear mandate: improve conversion rates, update the dated product, and resolve broken features.

The technology team was following a process they claimed as Agile. Although the team was working diligently, priorities were often changing and the team was not able to deliver on the company expectations.

To move forward, 7Stones Consulting wanted to separate the symptoms from the underlying problem(s). Although the decision makers blamed the technology team, it was important to step back and evaluate the situation from a holistic point of view.  Hence, to remain objective required the use of an evaluation tool. It was recommended to use the 7Stones Framework™.

As a result, the client chose the newest product as a pilot test for several changes.  The stakes were high as this pilot had a fixed timeline.

Consequently, the changes to the process created dramatic results. A basic version of the product moved through testing and to delivery with few problems.  The business prioritized the core features through the process.  In addition, the remaining features began development before the official launch – allowing the CEO an opportunity “sell” the future.

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Leveraging the 7Stones Framework - Case Study

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